Group history

Our company was officially founded by subscription at the chamber of commerce in Tilburg, 1-1-1960 by Jan Engels, my father (although he was working as an independent agent since 1955). He started supplying machines and parts to the textile industry. That included racking and riveted fiber bins (in use before the development of plastic) and later also out of plastic. When the production of standard textiles in Holland came to an end in 1968, Jan Engels succeeded in surviving by finding other customers for his racks, bins and trolleys.

In 1985 the second generation, I, supported by a fellow shareholder-manager took the helm and decided to focus the product program onto plastic bins for the environment and logistics.We were doing € 650.000 turnover at that time. In 1990 the move from Tilburg to the town of Son (close to Eindhoven) followed, in 1996 Engels Logistics NV in Zonhoven, Belgium was founded, in 2000 the headquarters of the beginning Group moved to the current location in Eindhoven.

In 1-1-2005, in the Lille region France, Engels Manutention & Environnement SARL was founded and in 1-7-2006 in Lisbon Engels Logística e Ambiente LDA. Engels Behältertechnik GmbH, production factory for the Engels Group of steel products like underground waste bins, but also of steel parts for waste bins and transport boxes, was founded 10-4-2008.

By March 2008 I became the only shareholder.

In Belgium Norah Plastics NV joined the group 1-6-2011, bringing besides €7.000.000 revenue, also a lot of experience in food handling bins, pallets and boxes.

At the moment, when I write this, the group is realizing € 30.800.000 turnover with 91 employees in companies in 5 European countries.
We produce, trade and supply steel and plastic products for waste handling, logistics, production, safe transport and spill prevention.

"Serving logistics and the environment"

My group wants to create a safe future for its employees and their children by fair trade, respecting the environment and creating long lasting relations with its customers.

Joost Engels