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The slogan of our group reads "SERVING LOGISTICS AND THE ENVIRONMENT". What do we mean by this?

In our opinion environment and logistics are inextricably connected. Glass, waste paper or worn batteries start as waste,
but after transport to their destination they become prime material.

Storing, and transporting well and clever packacking is not only essential for recyclable waste, bur for all goods, and we specialize in this.

But we supply more than just boxes and containers for logistics and waste collection.

Everything that has to do with plastics, steel, environment, storage, multi-use packaging is our passion for over 40 years. Some examples:

  • Safe transport of parts in multi-use packaging: no waste packaging material, less damaged parts lead to a more economic use of
    raw materials and energy. By clever designing these, we create savings and sustainability.
  • Supplying waste bins and containers that stimulate separating at the source, and offer payment per volume by the use of
    internet connection between bin and community helps reaching higher recycling rates, saving CO2 emissions.
    Anyway: all Engels products are easy to recycle and we actively support this (take back and rework).
  • Engels boxes, pallets and crates are designed to adapt well to internal dimensions of trucks and/or sea containers,
    avoiding the transport of empty space.

The Engels Group this way contributes to a sustainable future!

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